Friday – Sunday
LARP (live roleplay game) „Der Aufstand der Kleingartensiedlung – Neue Weltordnung“ (AT) („The uprising in the allotemnt plant – New world order“)
Hüper & Gutekunst
What would the new world order according to the needs of cabbage turnip, herb spiral and co. look like? Daily routine and catastrophe are both possible. The roles which the participants can take are ranging from a tomato over a spade to an allotment garden owner. (Who wants to play with us can contact us via larp (at)

Guided tours through the exhibition
regularly (also in english and in german sign language)

Exhibition Jenseits von Beeten – Begehungen No. 15 (until 8pm)
with regular guided tours through the exhibition (also in english and in german sign language)

Durational Performance „Circulate“
Laura Oriol & Jasmin Schaitl

Interactive Seminar „Götz Burys Schnellkurs für Gartenschmiedekunst“ („Götz Bury’s crash course to garden smithery“)
Götz Bury
Since the middle-european garden shed has often no more to offer than half-empty rolls of sticky tape, holey rubber boots and rusty floral wire to realize an ingenious idea in the garden, „wild thinking“ is the method of choice to achieve the desired results. In do-it-yourself courses interested garden friends can learn the basics of modern self-sufficiency whereby improvisation, creativity and thrift are in the foreground (application in advance via info (at)

Talkshow „Du und dein Garten“ („You and your garden“)
Lars Neuenfeld, editor of the 371 city magazine chats with his guests from the fields of politics, science and society about the life around the garden. Open gardening, micro economy of horticulture, the political dimension of the height of hedgerows or tips for the modern garden friend can be topics of the talk show. Just be there and listen actively.

Talk Concert
Mitsprache reden wir nicht
Michael Barthel

Meet the Artist

Multimedia Reading
Warum bin ich so traurig, meine Granatapfelblüte? AT
Ronya Othmann & Rah Rezaei

live: Begehungen Experimental Stage
Ale Hop (feminin Noise-Electro/Peru)
Alex Stolze (Bodi Bill/Unmap/Electro/Berlin)
Both solo acts are multi-instrumentalists and merge classical instruments with electronic music. The Peruvian Ale Hop combines beats and sounds with the electric guitar in downtempo. Alex Stolze from Berlin – former member of the legendary indie pop band Bodi Bill – mixes the sounds of electronic sound devices with an electro acustic violin. A concert on a high musical level on friday evening!