Exhibition Jenseits von Beeten – Begehungen no. 15 (until 8pm)

Official Opening
with a flourish by Osmar Osten
„Die Sache mit den Eiern“ („The affair with the eggs“)

live: Begehungen Schlager Show

The young swiss artist Dagobert brings a story worthy of a film. After 2 years of life on the streets he won a highly endowed music award and went to Berlin with the money. Demoralized by the life in the big city he retreated to the swiss mountains. In 2012 everything was set: Dagobert records together with Markus Ganter (producer of Sizarr, Muso and Casper) his debut album in Mannheim. Collectively they modernised and gilded this weird mix of „Volksmusik“ and Synth Pop. It is about love; romantic, longing and simple one.