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Begehungen is an independent art and culture festival for the support of emerging artists. It takes place every August and are organised by voluntary work by the Begehungen e. V.

The festival was founded by director Beate Kunath and journalist Lars Neuenfeld. The first time it took place in 2003 in the quarter of Chemnitz called „Sonnenberg“ and has since become a recurring cultural statement. Among others Begehungen took place in the „Spinnereimaschinenbau“ on Altchemnitzer Straße, in the now demolished „Forum“ on Mühlenstraße, at „Sporett“ on the Zwickauer Straße and last year at the „Kulturpalast Rabenstein“. Begehungen are furthermore an examination of the place in which they occur – its history, its usage or non-usage.

By an international call young artists get invited to show their positions in Chemnitz. The festival encourages citizens, visitors and art lovers from every direction and across regional borders to be a part of the cultural scene of Chemnitz.

This year’s art- and culture festival “Begehungen“ has its final destination in the midst of life! Issue no.15 of the „Begehungen“ will take place inside an allotment garden. The allotment association „Vereinte Kraft“ is a refuge that fosters self-realization. It is a hidden gem, embedded in an urban environment: nestled on a hillside, occupied with garden lots, flowers and trees, and plots.The facility contains more than 300 allotments, about 25 of them currently are unoccupied and distributed all over the area. Right there, in the heart of the gardening community, we want to realize our exhibition Project with your help.

From our perspective, an allotment garden is a beautiful metaphor for the convergence of the old and yet so modern dichotomies of our societies. Urban vs. Rural, Human vs. Nature, Individualism vs. Collectivism, Economy vs. Ecology or Local vs. Foreigner. The allotment garden is the exact place where we can conclusively process these contradictions. It is not uncommon, that the named dichotomies reflect the cracks in our societies, manifesting as trenches between “these and those,” “the others and us,” between „you and me.“ The allotment garden shall be the dialectic place for this artistic altercation.

Since the exhibition takes place inside the heart of an urban society, it is not an isolated unit within this habitat. The installations will be an immanent constituent of the allot settlements everyday life.Garden plot holders, artists, and the audience will interact with each other with an unpredictable outcome.

When our lot will finally fly,
we will be beyond plots.

Press team:

Luise Grudzinski

Linda Kolodjuk

Theresa Sander

Anne-Katrin Timpel


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