Begehungen are a culture and arts festival. The idea is not new. We look for old, abandoned spaces and play with art and a cultural program on them. Begehungen e. V. does this for 14 years now, four days of every August.

Every year we look for new spaces. We choose a topic. Then we make a call for young artists. They can apply with a work. Or they have an idea and come to Chemnitz to create their piece of art. A jury selects the best works and ideas. Some come for four weeks to Chemnitz, others send or bring their creations to us.

In this year we are visiting the allotment plant „Vereinte Kraft“. Between arbors, flowers, trees and patches 23 artists present their contemporary works from differents genres of art. Surrounding this we provide a framework programme with guided tours, live music, workshops and much more.

The Begehungen no. 15 are organised by voluntary work.

The admission for the Begehungen is free.

Our festival is familiy friendly and inclusive so that everyone can have a great time with us.